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Structured Cabling

The Benefits of Structured Cabling in Dupage County with AB Links, Inc.

Communication is one of the most important components for any business to thrive in their market. Networks, phone lines and receiving data of any kind needs to reliable, fast and ready to serve the business best. Structured cabling in Dupage County is one of many services that can be offered by networking specialists that are expert at finding the networking solutions that are right for the individual client, installing structured cabling in Dupage County and being available for troubleshooting after the job has been complete.

How a Networking Specialist Provides a Full Spectrum Service

1. Finding the Networking Solutions for the Client

A networking expert will be able to provide many services to their clients including but not limited to:

  • Phone Systems / VOIP Integration
  • Data Lines / Cat5e, Cat6a
  • Fiber Optics / Multimode, Single-Mode
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Complete Structured Cabling
  • Adds, Changes, Moves and Repairs of Your Current Equipment
  • Trouble Shooting Phone and Data Lines
  • Maintenance Service Contracts Available
  • Commercial Installations
  • Innovative and Reliable IT Solutions
  • Speech Privacy Systems installation

These services can be completely customized to best suit the needs and budget of the client. A networking specialist will be able to advise on the features and benefits of these networking solutions and how they can benefit the business best based on the company’s needs and goals.

2. Installing Networking Solutions

The service that installs network solutions should have extensive experience and training to get the job done quickly and effectively. Many networks are installed during office hours and the technician should cause minimal disruption to the working team. This is achieved with a company that has installed many networking solutions before and knows exactly what needs to be done and how to it. A network that operates effectively makes everything easier for the business as they can focus on attracting and retaining their own clients, and less time on figuring out what is wrong with their phone lines or internet connection.

A networking team will also be available after the installation to explain how everything works and to ensure that their client is getting the most possible out of their new network whether it is a phone line, data line or structured cabling.

3. Troubleshooting Support

There may be times when there are questions or issues with a networking system. In these scenarios it is helpful to have a service provider that offers troubleshooting support and services so there is always someone to call when there is a problem. One of the worst things that can happen to a business is losing customers over faulty lines of communication. It is a preventable problem when a networking specialist is an ally and partner. This prevents a loss in revenue that could easily have been prevented with the quick and efficient troubleshooting services of a professional.