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About Us – AB Links Inc.

AB Links is the trusted IT specialist for the growth-focused organization. The company services companies in Chicago, Illinois and firms across the mid-west with a complete suite of wireless services, data and voice services, fiber installation expertise, in addition to the many other solutions within their complete suite. It’s a commitment to IT service excellence that ensures companies achieve unique solutions customized to meet their highest of operational objectives.

Why Choose AB Links?

Fully Certified Experience

The experts at AB Links are certified according to the latest regulatory standards within the IT installations and maintenance marketplace. For example, through AB Links, companies can connect with Corning Fiber Certified cabling experts for their most challenging of fiber cabling demands. The company’s certification and memberships include the following:

  • ICC Certified
  • Corning Fiber Certified
  • Telecommunications Project Management Certified
  • Nortel/Avaya Phone Systems
  • NEC
  • Licensed Power Engineer Certified
  • Elite Master Technicians
  • FOCI

Strategic Expertise

When companies in Illinois choose AB Links for their data and voice, fiber installation or wireless services requirements, they work with a team that understands how to develop projects with a strategic vision. AB Links handles every element of IT projects, from the initial installation work to the day-to-day management to ensure optimal results. In addition, the company operates one of the most comprehensive support networks within the industry. It’s how companies achieve unparalleled IT performance and security.


AB Links brings local area clientele the latest innovations within the IT industry. Consider for example the company’s work with the Voice Arrest Sound Masking System. By deploying the Voice Arrest Sound Masking System as part of their full suite of data and voice services, AB Links can help companies achieve complete office privacy for important business communications. The VoiceArrest Sound Masking System combines speaker technology with a highly targeted frequency system to support effective sound masking. The company’s commitment to marketplace innovation also extends to their cabling services, as AB Links offers installation and maintenance of the latest Cat6 fiber cables for companies in Chicago, Illinois and across the region.

Flexible Services

Each specialist within the AB Links team continues to hone their expertise and adapt their skill-set to the latest innovations within the marketplace. This means the company is able to provide one of the broadest services suites within the IT service marketplace to local companies. Firms can now access a comprehensive service selection including data and voice, wireless services, fiber cabling services and more simply by contacting the AB Links team. If there’s an IT issue, AB Links has the solution.

The experts at AB Links are continually working on strategic solutions to the most common IT challenges. Contact the company today to learn more about how their services can empower your organization’s long-term growth.

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