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Fiber: Cabling & Installation

AB Links, Inc.’s Fiber Optic Cable for Telecommunications

AB Links provides you with the highest quality fiber optic installation, and consultation at a very competitive price. We have achieved industry-wide prominence as a high quality network cabling company for organizations ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies we assure you we do more than install cables; we provide solutions. Indeed, our family of customers relies on us for the highest quality connectivity solutions in the industry.

The Benefits of Fiber Optics Include:

  • Exceptionally low loss.
  • An absence of ground currents and the signal and power issues that are common to long parallel electric conductor runs. This is due to fiber optics using light rather than electricity for transmission, and the dielectric nature of fiber optic.
  • No sparks. This is ideal for environments where flammability is a concern.
  • A high data-carrying capacity. Thousands of electrical links would be required to replace a single high bandwidth fiber cable.
  • Even when fiber optics runs alongside each other for long distances, a fiber optic cable experiences no crosstalk, unlike many types of electrical transmission lines.
  • Resistance to Corrosion.
  • Fiber can be installed in areas with high electromagnetic interference, such as alongside utility lines, power lines, and railroad tracks.
  • They’re also ideal for areas of high lightning-strike incidences.

AB Links Fiber Optics Services Include:

  • 1-100g fiber Installation of Single-Mode and Multimode
  • Fusion Splicing
  • OTDR Testing
  • Fiber Testing/Certifying
  • All Connectors LC, SC, ST, and MTP for Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber
  • Arial, Underground, and Building to Building Installation.

Fiber optic systems may be the right choice for many businesses that are looking for an alternative to traditional electrical transmission lines whether it is to prevent interference, to maximize use of bandwidth or for its notorious high data capabilities. Businesses that are interested in a fiber optic cable system should contact a company that specializes in the installation of these systems to find out if it’s the right choice for the company.

What to Look for in a Fiber Optic Telecommunications Installation Service

When shopping for IT specialists one of the most important qualities to look for is that the service is certified by leading bodies within their field. Some of these organizations include:

  • ICC Certified
  • Corning Fiber Certified
  • Telecommunications Project Management Certified
  • Licensed Power Engineer Certified
  • Elite Master Technicians
  • FOCI

A company that works with their clients to install the best communications systems will listen to the needs and requirements of their customer and formulate solutions that make sense for the environment, intended use and budget. AB Links is an innovative and rapidly growing information systems technology company. They provide their clients with cutting-edge phone systems, data networks, fiber optics and wireless solutions.