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Speech Privacy System – Illinois

VoiceArrest Sound Masking System

Distracted workers and a lack of confidentiality are common problems in today’s offices. It’s easy to overlook a building’s acoustics when acquiring office space, yet that’s exactly what contributes to these costly problems. While no one enjoys excessive noise, speech privacy is not just a preference that can be ideally imagined and ignored without cost. In fact, speech privacy is measurable on the speech privacy index. When speech is highly intelligible in a given area, then it ranks low on the privacy index score. Conversely, a high score means you have achieved speech privacy which typically indicates more engaged workers and certainly more confidentiality. Attaining speech privacy is easier and more cost-effective than you might realize. To begin, there are only three ways to improve a speech privacy score, commonly referred to as the ABC’s of sound masking:

Absorbing noise

Blocking noise

Covering noise

Absorbing and blocking noise are helpful, but not nearly as effective as covering solutions. In fact, covering noise is not a modern invention. It has been around since the Romans installed fountains in their villas to drown out the noise of the crowds in their streets, and sound masking technology has evolved considerably since then. Modern sound masking solutions were initially developed by the Department of Defense and have been in wide use since the 1960s. The VoiceArrest system combines the latest innovations in speaker technology with a highly-targeted frequency spectrum to provide the most effective sound masking technology to date.

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