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Organizational Mobility through Expert Wireless Integration

AB Links – Supporting Seamless Organizational Mobility through Expert Wireless Integration

Today’s businesses require access to wireless systems that provide communications mobility to and from locations across the globe. The mobile market has exploded in recent years, and this means organizations require a wireless network that meets current demand and supports future growth through open-ended scalability. The specialists at AB Links offer a broad range of wireless network design options to resolve the most complex of infrastructure design requirements.

The company currently offers the following installation services:

Network Cabling for Access Points

The firm’s commitment to high performance wireless networking is unparalleled in the marketplace. They offer a broad range of Cat5E and Cat6 solutions, designed to support data transmission speeds of up-to 10Gbps. By working with AB Links for their company’s cabling needs, organizations will ensure that performance is completed optimized. That’s because the firm completes a broad range of testing protocols during each installation project.

Mounting Access Points

The company’s infrastructure design experts offer a broad range of mounting options. Their skillsets in mounting wireless systems on walls, ceilings and in other secure locations means they’re able to help small firms consolidate the footprint of their wireless systems.

Physical installation of networking components

For those with larger network demands, the installation of equipment such as data servers and switches will be required. The positioning of such equipment is a critical element in their performance in terms of speed and reliability. Fortunately, the team at AB Links has worked with a broad selection of firms in securing the physical installation of their wireless hardware to ensure long-term performance targets are met.

Seamless and Complete Wireless Project Management

At AB Links, the firm’s experts offer full scale project management of all wireless network installations. They company’s specialists will configure the various components of the system to meet load demands for the business. They’ll also train the company’s in-house team on how to operate the wireless system efficiently. It’s the full-service installation solution for firm’s looking to the future with their wireless requirements.

AB Links has the available expertise to help companies plan, deploy, and support the latest high speed 802.11 Wireless Networks. To learn more about the company’s wireless expertise, please contact their offices directly today and speak with an on-site wireless specialist. Your company’s future communications performance is at stake. Contact AB Links today to begin complete wireless network integration.