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Why Installing Fiber Cable is Important for Businesses in 2015

Businesses are more competitive than ever before and every detail can make a difference between staying on the cusp of growth and success, and falling behind the competition. Fiber cable installation in Chicago is one service that businesses should consider to stay on the edge of technology and to excel in their industry. Fiber cable installation in Chicago provides a variety of benefits to businesses including: 

1. Provides Greater Bandwidth 

With the changes to today’s business technology businesses need to ensure that they have the data that is required to handle the demand of their business. Ecommerce and networking/communicating with local and international customers and partners means that many companies are requiring more bandwidth to handle their day-to-day operations. Fiber cabling provides a significant amount of bandwidth over copper and has standardized performance up to 10 Gbps. While these are not currently the standard, this speed could become a reality in the future and businesses should always prepare for the technology and demands that are unfolding.

2. The Design of Fiber Cabling 

Many businesses don’t even consider that cabling and networking components can take up space, be heavy or not look good in the office-space. A benefit of fiber cabling is that it is lightweight, thin, and durable. This is the best of both worlds for many businesses that want their setup to look great but not at the expense of durability or quality. Due to the small size of fiber cabling it is much easier to handle and takes up less space in cabling ducts. This is ideal for businesses that want the best communication and network setup possible without taking up too much space, especially in a rapidly growing business center such as Chicago where businesses sacrifice space for more affordable rent.

If space issues are a concern for the business a data and networking service can assist with implementing a space-saving solution that minimize wires and cables and maximize the networking and bandwidth potential in any enterprise.

3. Lowered Costs 

The cost for fiber cabling and its components are steadily decreasing. Installation for a fiber cabling setup may run higher than copper due to the skill that is required to implement this setup but in the long-term fiber cabling is actually more cost-effective for businesses due to the fact that it is less costly to maintain, has less downtime and requires less networking hardware. This is a significant benefit to businesses that want reliability, durability and cost-saving benefits when implementing a new data and networking system into their business.

Most businesses have a lot of questions when it comes to their fiber cable installation in Chicago. An experience, well-reputed and recommended service that specializes in fiber cable installation in Chicago will be able to arrange a consultation with any business to discuss the benefits and features of a fiber cabling setup. AB Links, Inc. Are dedicated data and networking specialists that can be contacted directly at