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Why Businesses Should Move from 6A Cabling to Fiber Optic Cabling in 2015

With an ever-changing technological forecast 2015 will bring about new demands and needs for any business that has technological, communication and broadcasting requirements. Fiber cabling in Chicago can assist any business with having the set up that they need to grow and thrive in their industry. Having a service provide the set up for fiber cabling provides many benefits for businesses as they move into 2015 and some of these advantages include:

  • Fiber is less expensive than 6A cabling 

In the long-term fiber cabling is less expensive than 6A cabling. It has less maintenance and repair issues, saves energy and provides more reliability. This not only saves the time of not having to schedule repairs but it cut costs as well that will be seen on utility bills and most notably, by giving the business a reliable reputation amongst customers. Without any snags on a day-to-day basis, fiber cabling means that businesses can confidently run all day without networks and communications going down which can lead to lost business and paying employees when they cannot get any work completed.

  • Fiber cabling provides better performance 

Performance is the key when it comes to one of the main benefits of fiber cabling. With faster speeds, and use in locations that are normally not able to secure a reliable connection, fiber cabling is beneficial over 6A cabling. When a business makes the investment to have a network cabling set up configured and installed it is always ideal to implement the equipment and technology that is going to work hardest and most effectively for the business. Fiber cabling is a sound investment for businesses, regardless of where they are located or their technological, bandwidth or networking requirements.

  • People are still way behind in the times in terms of Fiber installation 

Finally, an advantage to fiber cabling is that people and businesses are still way behind the times and this type of system and installation puts businesses ahead of curve. They can have the technology that is on the cusp of the industry and not have to worry about the need for upgrades until the rest of their industry catches up. Being ahead of times offers businesses the benefit of having this edge over their competition and being successful where other businesses are still struggling. When an enterprise has the best that technology has to offer it makes employees and customers’ happy and leads to a company’s overall growth and development.

AB Links Inc provides fiber cabling to businesses in Chicago that want to be on the cutting edge of technology and know that it takes innovation to be ahead of the competition. The experts at AB Links Inc work with their clients to plan and implement the fiber cabling set up that is right for the business and budget. The set up is performed by highly trained and skilled technicians that install quickly and effectively. Visit, to book an appointment today!