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Benefits of Upgrading Network to Cat6 Cabling in Chicago, IL

Technology is rapidly improving and giving businesses a greater capacity to communicate with their local and international clients. Network cabling is an important factor in how businesses send and receive data and network cabling in Chicago is a service that businesses of any size should consider to stay on the cusp of technology and to thrive in their market. Network cabling in Chicago includes the installation of Cat6 cabling. There are a number of benefits to upgrading to Cat6 cabling regardless of the size or nature of the company. Some of these advantages include:

1. Double the Available Bandwidth 

Businesses require a greater amount of bandwidth than ever before for their internal operations and for handling the demands of their websites and web services. Network cabling in Chicago allows data transfers of up to 10,000 MBits/second in an Ethernet network with Cat 6. This is more than double the average of Cat 5 cabling, while still using four pairs of wires. This is the ideal scenario for any business that needs a quick and easy boost in bandwidth.

A professional networking service will be able to install Cat6 cabling quickly and efficiently without disturbing daily operations. Any business interested in increasing their bandwidth through Cat6 cabling should speak with a data and networking service to see if this set up is right for their communication needs and business model.

2. Make your Business Future Friendly 

Cat 6 cabling is the wave of the future while other methods of networking are becoming obsolete. It is important to stay on the cusp of technology to prepare for other services and products that will be released onto market. This is actually a cost-saving benefit as it allows businesses to upgrade their systems slowly rather than investing in one large sum when their cabling system and equipment needs to be replaced and upgraded at once.

A cabling and networking service can assist with making any business future friendly so that companies can be prepared to accommodate the changing technological times and can cut costs in the long-term.

3. Cat6 is Backwards Compatible 

What many business owners do not know is that Cat6 is backward compatible with Cat5 cabling. This means that there is even more bandwidth and businesses do not need to worry about bandwidth limitations or a challenging transition between upgrades. This makes upgrading and staying ahead of the technological curve easier than it has ever been before for businesses of any size.

A networking service can discuss the benefits of upgrading network cabling in Chicago with any customer that wants to receive the benefit of more bandwidth, a backward compatible system and a future friendly business. AB Links, Inc. Is a service that specializes in network cabling in Chicago. The team provides the information, equipment and technicians to provide fast and seamless upgrades at an affordable price-point. To learn more about their services and or to schedule an appointment for network cabling upgrades visit,