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Benefits of Structured Cabling & Fiber Installations in Chicago, Illinois

The Benefits of AB Links Inc’s Structured Cabling and Fiber Installations in Chicago, Illinois

Structured cabling in Chicago, Illinois is a service that many businesses have been inquiring about to ensure the data usage and reliability that they require to effectively and efficiently run their business. Hiring a specialist for fiber installations in Chicago is the best way to implement this setup in the office environment and it is always ideal to choose a service that specializes in fiber optics and has an outstanding reputation in the field. There are a number of benefits to choosing structured cabling in Chicago and some of these reasons include:

  • A high data-carrying capacity. This increases data and saves space, including less wires and cables running through the office. As an example of the space saving benefits, thousands of electrical links would be required to replace a single high bandwidth fiber cable. This is a significant advantage to businesses that need high bandwidth and still want to keep their office space clutter free.
  • No sparks. Certain working environments have hazards and in some cases, cannot even have the data network that they truly need due to safety concerns so no sparks is ideal for environments where flammability is a concern.
  • Chicago is always undergoing development and this means there are many businesses that work in construction, engineering and utility. Fiber can be installed in areas with high electromagnetic interference, such as alongside utility lines, power lines, and railroad tracks. This makes a safe and reliable network for businesses that need to communicate with customers and clients from their on-site location safely and reliably.
  • Structured cabling in Chicago is a very reliable way to do business. Even when fiber optics runs alongside each other for long distances, a fiber optic cable experiences no crosstalk. Unlike many types of electrical transmission lines, fiber maintains business’s reputations for being easy to get in touch with and communicate with, which goes a long way with customers.
  • Fiber installations in Chicago are available for small businesses to Fortune500 companies and everything in between and a service that specializes in structured cabling can assist any sized business with planning a network that suits their company’s needs, future goals and budget.

What to look for in a service that specializes in structured cabling in Chicago

It’s necessary to invest in the right service for fiber installations in Chicago to ensure that the system will work at its optimal capacity for years after it has been implemented into the workplace. Some of the credentials and qualifications to look for include:

  • ICC Certified
  • Corning Fiber Certified
  • Telecommunications Project Management Certified
  • Licensed Power Engineer Certified
  • Elite Master Technicians
  • FOCI

Businesses that are interested in fiber installations in Chicago should begin this process by arranging a consultation with AB Links, Inc. The service will determine the right plan and provide a quote for a structured cabling network. To learn more about this service visit, to contact one of our representatives today.