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Avaya Business Phone Systems in Cook County | Specials

AB Links Inc are now offering specials on Avaya Business Phone Systems in Cook County

Businesses have the potential to use business phone systems in Cook County to improve their customer experience and contact center agent efficiency. This is the result of adding a powerful, affordable, multichannel functionality business phone system in Cook County for voice, email, and web chat to a contact center. Avaya IP Office™ Contact Center is built specifically for businesses with 5-100 agents. It combines Avaya customer experience leadership with the simplicity and value of the IP Office Platform. AB Links Inc is currently offering a promotion on this business phone system and enterprises can take advantage of this offer for the following features and benefits:

What are the Benefits of Avaya Business Phone Systems?

  1. Respond Faster and Build Relationships with Customers

As business becomes more competitive throughout almost every market, enterprises and organizations are looking for new ways to build and improve their customer’s experience. One of these techniques to implement a communication system that allows for faster and more proven response time as a result of being better connected and having agents use a system that is easy and intuitive. With faster responses and a more seamless customer service experience for clients, relationships and communications will improve, resulting in client satisfaction across the board.

  1. A Cost-Effective Solution

Just as businesses want to soar past their competition they also need to consider costs to play it safe financially. Avaya Business phone systems are surprisingly cost-effective and in a reachable range for small to mid-size businesses that are ready to take it to the next level. Not only is the Avaya business phone system a reduced initial investment but it has been designed to require less maintenance and use less power overall so the savings will continue to accumulate and pay for itself.

  1. Peace on Mind- A Complete Solution

Owners and managers can have the peace of mind in knowing that their business is using a fully integrated solution to turn their business into a fully professional, organized and communicative team. The business phone system includes a variety of components including: collaboration software, multichannel contact centers, networking, security, and video. This is all from a single source that is guaranteed to make responses and communication more efficient, effective and intuitive for call center agents and customer service representatives.

The Avaya business phone system is an award winning solution. Businesses can find out what more than 12 million users on more than 350,000 systems deployed worldwide already know about the IP Office™ Platform, the winner of TMC Labs 2013 Innovation Award for significant creativity and originality when the contact AB Links to find out what discounts are currently available on their business phone systems in Cook County. The professional phone system technicians will quickly assess the business over phone or email to determine if the Avaya phone system is right for their needs and requirements. Installing a phone system solution is fast and easy. To learn more visit,